Luxury waterproof bathroom & shower TV


Our company was established in 2006. At that time, the TV was experiencing a new era – high-quality image and a large diagonal were no longer enough for the demanding connoisseur of technology.

Elegant design, water resistance, no need for cooling, the ability to combine a TV, and a mirror – all this came to the fore and embodied in the unique Westvision collection.

Premium class TV

Westvision is aimed to create televisions that will be as unique as the piece of art that you are admiring. The uniqueness of Westvision technique can be seen in each detail: in TVs that you can place in your bathroom and even in elements of TV set frame design.

The main value for the company is the comfort of consumer – it served as the main direction of company development throughout all its history. Only true adherents of comfort can evaluate the advantages of TV in a bathroom or a pool. and only real owners of a delicate taste can choose for their living room the TV in the handmade baguette.


Through innovative, reliable products and services, talented people, and collaboration with our partners and customers, Westvision is taking the world in imaginative new directions.
We attract talented managers and continuously developing our company’s culture to support them. We foster innovative ideas that advance technology and create new products.
Working together helps us to achieve more. It opens new doors and creates new opportunities.




We control the quality of materials and verify every step of the manufacturing


We value our partners’ experience and together we increase the efficiency of work


We are for constant developing, creativity and advanced technologies


Our team is our pride, main value and an inexhaustible source of creative ideas


We are offering exclusive TV collection: Brilliant, Waterproof and Design Edition