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  • About WestVision

    Welcome to WestVision.
    About 12 years ago we recognize the necessary to create a thing, capable to surprise a men, who own every modern treasures. We take a thing everybody need and almost everybody has. That was the beginnig of WestVision manufacturing.

    Now Westvision introduces 3 series of TV sets:

    • Waterproof TV
    • Design TV
    • Brilliant Edition TV
  • About company

    About 12 years we surprise our clients with new technologies and outstanding design of usual things.

    Our values
    • Innovations
      Endless developing, permanent creativity and using advanced technologies.
    • Quality
      We control quality of materials and processes on every step of manufacturing.
    • Partners
      We share the values of our partners to increase efficiency of work.
    • Team
      Our main assets and source of success, developing and ideas.

    Mission and goals
    Through innovative, reliable products and services, talanted people and collaboration with our partners and customers, WestVision is taking the world in imaginative new directions.

  • Management

    By attracting talented managers and continuously evolving our company's culture to support them, we foster innovative ideas that advance technology and create new products.

    Creativity, collaboration and excellence are the hallmarks of leadership at WestVision.

    My colleagues are my family. – Julia H., HR - manager.

    I know, that my opinion has a value. – John F., Controller on Manufacturing.

    I can create useful works of art. It's a dream of every artist. – Alberto G., Designer

    Our team
    The key to success lies in WestVisions employees and their ability to learn, create new opportunities and quickly implement changes. Employees are the general source of our competitive advantage.

    High educated specialists from                   Europe and India.

    The most talanted and outstanding                   artists.

    Send your CV: head@westvision.co.uk

  • Partnership

    We contribute our experiens in your success.

    Partner behavior
    • Respect

      We recognize and accept ethic and cultural features of every partner.

    • Honesty

      We are open for advice and criticism.

    • Support

      We are ready to share our experience and materials to promote our products.

    • Individuality

      We provide individual approach to each partner.

    You are welcome
    Working together helps us all to achieve more; it also opens new doors and creates new opportunities that otherwise would not exist.
    WestVision invite you to join our team and become our partner.

    Send a Quote now: sales@westvision.co.uk
  • Environmental policy

    The WestVision Environmental Policy outlines how to improve environmental performance in production and product use as well as how to design products for disposal.

    • Designing products to reduce their adverse environmental impact in production, use and disposal.
    • Reducing resource consumption, waste and pollution in our operations.
    • Encouraging suppliers of our products and our partners to adopt the same high environmental principles.
    • Considering the Environmental Policy in future planning.

    Permanent control

    Through our environmental performance assessment tool we monitor how the environment is managed at each facility. We recognise the importance of environmental responsibility and we also believe excellence in environmental management has a big part to play in WestVision's own long-term success.

  • Social responsibility

    The WestVision has a range of social responsibility focused programmes and initiatives, providing our contribution in social developing.

    • We contribute to social development by supporting education and research.
    • Reducing resource consumption, waste and pollution in our operations.
    • Diversity, health and safety, long-term leadership and development programs are all cornerstones. The company must be able to anticipate changes.
    • Employees are WestVisions most important asset.

    Saving traditions

    We know, that one of our goals is saving national tradition and promotion of English products all over the world. We try to use original domestic materials in manufacturing and add English styled elements of design to products.

  • 3 spesial series

    Waterproof TV

    The TV is totally wrapped in waterproof shell (IP65). The WestVision TV sets are totally tamperproof. The innovative design has combined both elegant and durable engineering.

    Design TV

    Design TV sets are real master pieces thanks to ultra slim design and wide choice of fashion frames. For those, who appreciate exclusive and individual things.

    Brilliant Edition

    WestVision becomes a real treasure at home.
    Swarovski styled collection
    is the rate of real luxury and exclusive. Design from the best artists.

    Special waterproof structure
    • IP65 approval
    • Touch induces keys
    • Ultra slim design
    • Waterproof infrared remote controller
    • Wall mountable and embeddable
  • Waterproof TV

    • Screen size: 10" 15" 17" 19" 22" 26" 32" 42" 55" 65" 72" 82" 85" 98" 110"
    • Waterproof, moisture proof, fog proof
    • AC adaptor, Waterproof remote control
    • Panel Colour : Black / Mirror / Super Mirror / White / Silver / Gold / RAL
    • The back of the unit can be complete hidden in the wall
    • Low voltage DC 12V, be safe for bathroom using
    • Built-in speakers 2W * 2
    • Mirror TV function: it works as a mirror when power is off
  • Design TV

    • Screen size: 17" 19" 22" 26" 32" 42" 52" 72" 82" LM
    • OSD menu with 8 languages
    • Different frame design
    • Exclusive design of the frame
    • AC adaptor, Waterproof infrared remote controller
    • Wall mountable and embeddable
    • External speakers
    • Mirror TV function: it works as a mirror when power is off
  • Brilliant Edition

    • Screen size: 15" 17" 19" 22" 26" 32" 42" 55" 65" 72" 82"
    • Individual Swarovski design
    • OSD menu with 8 languages
    • Panel Colour : Silver / Gold
    • The back of the unit can be complete hidden in the wall
    • AC adaptor, Waterproof remote control
    • Built-in speakers 2W * 2 or external
    • Mirror TV function: it works as a mirror when power is off
  • Useful information

    Choosing what you really need

         Here you will find some pieces of practical advice on choosing the optimal model for you.

        First of all you should choose the size of the tv set you want to buy. That depends on where you decide to put your TV. Since a WestVision TV is waterproof, you can install the TV in a bathroom or anywhere else without being concerned with moisture and water spilling or splashing.

        This TV incorporates the latest state of the art screens with the latest and best features. It was originally designed to be used just in the bathrooms; however it can be installed in kitchens, swimming pool, garden environments, spas, saunas, and even living rooms.


    The TVs are guaranteed for one year. You will receive the certificate and you can ask us for help anytime. The high quality of our tv sets is proved by CE certificate.

    RoHS certification

    This document certifies that WestVision's products are fully RoHS compliant in accordance with EU RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC.

  • Waterproof TV

  • Design TV

  • Brilliant Edition TV

    Going to the perfection, surround yourself by perfect things

    Swarovski styled models are created individually.

    It's a rare element of interior design, you'll have never see anywhere else the same design of TV set.

    There are several items of Brilliant TV all over the world.

  • News


    Built-in wall console Westvision

    This console has a mounting box, which is built into the niche. It connects to the TV panel using a wire of any length, its advantage:
    1. Touch buttons
    2. Backlight
    3. Moisture-proof
    4. The WestVision logo
    5. Accommodation in any convenient place

    New Westvision

    Westvision has prepared for you a new design of TVs.
    A new slim body, new speakers with an elegant appearance and better sound. Touchscreen, Smart TV and new stylistic solutions:
    Super Mirror and Silver.

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